Yes you should *o* I always wanted to talk to you hehe all of your ocs are just precious! OMG wwwww yes that's really interesting! Yue just smile 24 hours while tagging along because he is just owe kou so much (his left arm has been a bother for a long time for him with the constant pain) Screams!! Thank you! I am glad you like my art! Ah of course I don't mind! You don't always have to reply me fast uvu have a nice day!

//screams omg thank you I’m glad you like me ocs//u\ yue is so precious i just-//////// Kou would keep telling him he doesn’t owe him anything to make him go away(because hes a nervous mess around people) but then Yue would save him a bunch of time fighting zombies because Kou can’t actually fight and he kinda feels bad because yue is doing so much and all he can do is treat wounds and first aid stuff?www aaah but still I’m sorry for replying late though I needed to register for my new semester today so I was out for a while//u\

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1, 2 Fanclub

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This bird speaks better Japanese than I do. /o\

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here it is, as promised!! ◕ ◡ ◕

i am giving away one pokémon XY limited edition 3DS XL. you’ll get to pick the colour if you win, and the console is american. so it’s region locked and can only play american games. you can import if you’re not from the US, i’ll still ship internationally.

since i bet i’ll be getting this question a lot if i don’t answer it right now, the reason why i’m giving this away is because:

  1. i love love love giving gifts and making people smile
  2. i am very fortunate to be in a pretty good spot financially
  3. i have two of these. one for me, one for someone else, and since i don’t care which colour i get i’ll let the winner pick!
  4. i never sell my technology items because you don’t earn very much unless it’s bigger stuff we’re talking about.

okay now that that’s out of the way!!!

  • you don’t have to be following me! i’m not doing this to gain followers. if you’d like to though then by all means! •⌣•
  • reblog as much as you like.
  • likes don’t count.
  • ships internationally.
  • no giveaway blogs, i’ll be checking your archives.
  • keep your ask boxes open.
  • the winner will be picked randomly! there’s no way to improve your chances.

i think that covers everything? the giveaway will end on mars 1st!! so there’s plenty of time. ok knock yourselves out (ノ゚-゚)ノ

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"Attack on Titan" live action commecial for Subaru.
Directed by Shinji Higuchi, who is also currently making the official feature movie.

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Disney Princes… ish

After seeing these awesome edits by “thecrownedheart”, I just had to make a few of my own. So here’s a few edited screenshots of our lovely Disney ladies… as men. :D 


I made an ask blog for her aaaaaah////7////

feel free to ask her anything!!

ahaha, probably gonna regret later/chokes

but yeah feel free to leave a message!^p^

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Walk with the Shadows: blastortoise: SO it’s that time again, I’ve decided to do another...



SO it’s that time again, I’ve decided to do another giveaway but make this one better than the last one. The reason behind this is this site has been allowed me to meet some great people and somehow I ended up hitting over 3k followers so in order to celebrate my followers and my friends I’ve decided to give a little something back. Here are the prizes


1st place: The first place winner will get a 3DS XL with copy of Pokemon X OR Y and a Podex case for the 3DS


2nd Place: The second place winner will get a preorder of Pokemon X or Y


3rd Place: Lastly the third place will get one plushie of their choice via Toywiz

 A super special thanks to sylvyon for creating these awesome banners!!! He has an awesome blog I’d check him out

Now for the rules *laaaame*

  • You DO NOT need to be following me
  • Because tumblr only allows you to see the first 325 notes, REBLOGS DO COUNT the more you reblog the more likely you are to be in the visible notes. So basically the more you reblog the higher your chance of winning
  • NO giveaway blogs will be allowed, I will check the winners’ blogs at the end of the competition
  • I will ship ANYWHERE in the world so you are not restricted by your location
  • You can give the prizes away, sell them or do what ever once you win the prizes are yours to do what you please.
  • The winner will have 3 days to respond, after that point another winner will be chosen
  • The contest ends September 15th, 2013

Let the games begin, good luck to all!

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Doing my first ever GIVEAWAY! I’m trying to give myself some time to save up for it, so that’s why it ends September first! \o/

The hoodies and their images come from this Etsy Shop:
Weeaboo Warehouse

They come in Adult sizes XS-XXL, can be made with or without a zipper, and are HAND MADE FROM FLEECE, so once you win and I put in the order, it will take a bit of time to get to you. But quality takes time, so if you win, please be patient! I will make certain you get it, or if for some reason they become unavailable during the duration of the giveaway,  I will make sure you get SNK merchandise of some other sort up to $100 worth!

The necklaces come from Ebay, and if during the duration of the giveaway they become unavailable, I will work with the winner to substitute another  necklace of similar or greater value.

You do not have to be following me, but if you are and you win, I will perhaps throw in a special extra gift as a thank you for being awesome! :)

The winner will be chosen by a random generator, and after the winner is notified, if they do not respond in 48 hours, I will choose a new winner.

Feel free to ask any questions and good luck! If I have to add anything else to this post, I will make sure to reblog it, so keep an eye out! I will also try to reblog it at least once a day or so to make sure people catch it :)

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